2018 Candidates

Below is a list of 2018 incumbents and candidates running to represent Eagle County in  various legislative districts.  This is not a complete list and we will update it as we get more information. At the upcoming March 6 caucuses, a gubernatorial preference poll will be taken to allocate delegates to the county assembly. The only candidate for governor that will NOT be included in the caucus preference poll is Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne. Donna is accessing the ballot through the petition process only. For more information, go to: eagledems.org/caucus/  or email us at: info@eagledems.org

Candidates for U.S. Congress
Joe Neguse
3rd Congressional District
Diane Mitsch Bush

Candidates for Governor
Noel Ginsburg
Mike Johnston
Cary Kennedy
Donna Lynne
Jared Polis
Erik Underwood

Candidates for Attorney General
Brad Levin
Amy Padden
Joe Salazar
Phil Weiser

Candidates for State Treasurer
Bernard Douthit
Charles Scheibe
Dave Young

Candidates for Colorado Secretary of State
Jena Griswold
Gabriel McArthur
Phillip Villard

Candidate for the State Board of Education
Angelika Schroeder (CD2)

Candidates for the University of Colorado Board of Regents
Lesley Smith
Chantell Taylor

Candidate for the State Senate (District 5)
Kerry Donovan

Candidate for the State House of Representatives (District 26)
Dylan Roberts

Candidate for Eagle County Commissioner
Jeanne McQueeney

Candidate for Eagle County Clerk
Regina O’Brien

Candidate for Eagle County Assessor
Mark Chapin

Candidate for Eagle County Treasurer
Teak Simonton

Candidate for Eagle County Coroner
Kara Bettis