Thanks to all your hard work, Eagle County played a monumental role in the HUGE blue wave Colorado experienced this election cycle.

A reminder of what we accomplished in Colorado:

  • We broke all prior turnout records for mid-term elections
  • We had the second highest voter turnout in the nation, after Minnesota
  • We won all five of five statewide races (first time since 1936)
  • We flipped U.S. Congressional District 6
  • Our delegation to U.S. Congress is now a Democratic majority
  • We won 100% of swing State Senate races
  • We flipped State Senate from 16 Dem/1 UAF/18 Rep to 19 Dem/16 Rep
  • We grew the House majority from 36 Dem/29 Rep to 41 Dem/24 Rep
  • The State House has a majority of women for the first time
  • We elected a gay Governor
  • We elected our first African American member to Congress
  • We elected our first transgender legislator
  • We elected a historic number of Latinos and Latinas to the legislature
  • We elected our first Latino President of the State Senate

What does all this mean?

Eagle County and Colorado can lead the way in protections for our clean air, clean water and public lands. We can make progress on lowering the cost of health care and solving the state’s transportation and education budget woes. We can continue to put working families first when making policy.

What’s next?

The Democratic Party reorganizes from bottom to top every two years. In February 2019, the Eagle County Democratic Party Central Committee will meet to elect new officers and executive committee members for two-year terms. Eagle Dems will also elect representatives to the Party’s central committees for other districts to which we belong: State House District 26, State Senate District 5, Judicial District 5, and Congressional Districts 2 and 3. We will also be electing a predetermined number of bonus members to the State Central Committee.

We have two executive committee meetings remaining before February’s “Reorganization”. Make plans to attend if you’d like to learn more about taking a larger role with the Democratic Party for the next two-year cycle – which will include the 2020 election and the contests for President and Senate. This is a time to be grateful for what we have accomplished – and also a time to look ahead!

The High School Voter Registration/Education Project was also a resounding success this fall because of the following dedicated volunteers who assisted Nancy Shane, Program Director:

Jan Abbott
Terri Allender
Gail Flesher
Tom Gladitsch
Susan Gruber
Pat Hammon
Matt Scherr
Pam Smith

We presented an excellent PowerPoint on the history of voting rights in America to juniors and seniors in American History, Government and Civics classes at every public and private high school in Eagle County, as well as Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. In addition, Donna Grauer made presentations at Basalt High School and CMC Aspen. Altogether, over 225 young people registered to vote, and many of them were eligible to participate in the mid-term elections.

It should be emphasized that this effort was totally non-partisan. We were introduced at each school as volunteers, not as representatives of the Democratic Party. Teachers at each school we visited were encouraged to participate in the discussion, and most of them did.

With no local chapters of the League of Women Voters or the ACLU to offer voting rights education in this area, we can be proud that the Eagle County Dems have stepped in to fill this void every two years since 2012. Teachers and administrators expressed their appreciation of our efforts and look forward to seeing us again in 2020.

and finally, a message from Joy – 

During this past election season, there were countless acts of generosity, hours upon hours of dedication and untold kindnesses paid. I’m very grateful for our entire Eagle County Democratic community and thrilled our hard work was rewarded with record results.

A HUGE thank you goes out to all the volunteers, donors, supporters, friends and family who contributed to our “blue wave” election. Each and every one of you can be proud of the outcome.

Joy Harrison, Chair