What is Reorg?

Per the Colorado Democratic Party Rules & Bylaws, county parties are required to meet between the 1st day of February and the 15th day of February of odd-numbered years. The county central committee meets to elect a chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer, and any other officers provided for in the county rules. Any registered Democrat in Eagle County is eligible for election to those offices. That’s it! No other experience is necessary – aside from a desire to help get Democrats elected. The Democratic Party is made up 100% of volunteers, just like you!

if you’re interested in serving on the County Executive Committee, or on any district- or state-level committees, please complete our interest form by January 31.

When is Reorg?

Tuesday, February 9
5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. via Zoom

Who is on the County Central Committee?

  • All of the precinct committee people (a.k.a. PCPs or Precinct Organizers) of the political party in the county (elected in even years at caucus),
  • county party officers – Chair, Vice Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer (elected in odd years at Reorg), and
  • elected county public officials, the state senators and representatives, the United States senators and representatives, the elected state public officials, and the district attorney, who are members of the party and who reside within the county

Term of Office. The term of office of each member of the county central committee shall be two years.

Who Will Be Elected at Reorg?


The County Chair runs to the day-to-day operations of the county party. They are responsible for raising the funds needed to fund the party’s core functions and election programs. They preside over county party meetings, including county central committee and executive committee meetings, caucuses, county assemblies, county conventions, county re-organization, and county vacancy committee meetings. The County Chair may have appointments to make to various committees depending on local rules. The County Chair works in conjunction with others to recruit a full slate of Democratic candidates in the county. The County Chair works to find precinct organizers for each precinct and fill vacant PCP positions, if any. The County Chair works with electeds and other district leaders within their county. The County Chair, in conjunction with other officers and volunteers is responsible for any annual events or forums. The County Chair is responsible for developing a Win Plan and Budget for the county for each year focused on how we defend or grow the number of elected Democrats in the county and contribute to wins across county lines. The County Chair is an automatic member of the State Central Committee, State Executive Committee, and all District level committees.

1st Vice Chair

?The First Vice Chair steps in to cover any of the duties of Chair (above) if the Chair is unavailable. The job of the First Vice Chair is to support the Chair and help the party achieve its goals. The First Vice Chair contributes their time and skills to the greater vision of the party. There is a great deal of flexibility of what this looks like and will often be defined with more specificity in consultation with the Chair. The County Vice-Chair is an automatic member of the State Central Committee, State Executive Committee, and all District level committees.

2nd Vice Chair

?The Second Vice Chair steps in to cover any of the duties of the Chair or 1s? t Vice Chair if they are unavailable. There is a great deal of flexibility as to what this officer is responsible for, but local custom or rules may put emphasis on different tasks.


The secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the county central committee and executive committee and send them to the secretary of the state party. The secretary shall keep copies of the minutes supplied by any other committees of the county central committee. The secretary shall be responsible for keeping the official list of the membership of the committees of the party. The secretary shall perform such duties as requested by the chair of the central committee, as well as such other duties as are usually associated with the office of the secretary. The Secretary is an automatic member of the State Senate, State House, and Judicial District Central Committees.


The treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the Party and shall render written accounts of receipts and disbursements to each meeting of the county central and executive committees. The treasurer shall also make a full report for the handling of Party funds. The treasurer shall prepare and file all financial reports as required by law.

County District Captains

Eagle County is divided into four “Districts” – Vail/Minturn, Eagle-Vail/Avon/Edwards, Wolcott/Eagle/Gypsum, and the Roaring Fork Valley. One or two registered Democrats will be elected to represent each District on the Executive Committee.

District and State Level Positions

The central committee will also be electing people to serve on various district-level central committees as well as the central committee of the Colorado Democratic Party. For more details, please view this document or watch this webinar.

We will also be looking for people to serve on various county committees – Communications, Data Management, Programs & Events, Voter Outreach & Registration, and Volunteer & Training.


If you are interested in serving on the Eagle County Democrats’ Executive Committee in one of the above capacities, please complete our interest form by January 31.