It is more important than ever for Democrats to come together and mobilize for the necessary work ahead.  We intend to facilitate concrete action to challenge the administration and our Republican members of Congress. Now is the time to get involved, and as the late, great civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis would say, “make some noise.”

Your Eagle County Democratic Party Officers are all volunteer positions elected for two-year terms serving February 2021 to February 2023.

Executive Officers:

Executive Committee Members at Large:

Roseann Casey, Melissa Decker, Annie Goodman, Pamela Gray, Pat Hammon, Elyse Howard, William A Knauss, Debbie Marquez, Matt Marshall, Kimi Mischke, Lesley Rameil, Hannah Ross, Wendy Rudolph, Robert Rutledge, and Oliver Skelly

State Central Committee: 

Rosann Casey, Sen. Kerry Donovan, Donna Grauer, Debbie Marquez, Rep Dylan Roberts, Keith Sylvain

District Central Committees:

  • Congressional District 2 Central Committee: Melissa Decker, Sen. Kerry Donovan, Rep. Dylan Roberts, and Robert Rutledge
  • Congressional District 3 Central Committee: Roseann Casey (interim), William Day, Jennifer Filipowski, and Pat Hammon 
  • Senate District 5 Central Committee: Roseann Casey (interim), William Day, Sen. Kerry Donovan, Jennifer Filipowski, Donna Grauer, Debbie Marquez, Claire Noble, Rep. Dylan Roberts, Oliver Skelly
  • House District 26 Central Committee: Roseann Casey (interim), William Day, Sen. Kerry Donovan, Jennifer Filipowski, Donna Grauer, Pat Hammon, Debbie Marquez, Claire Noble, Rep. Dylan Roberts, Oliver Skelly, and Keith Sylvain
  • Judicial District 5 Central Committee: Roseann Casey (interim), Inga Causey, William Day, Jennifer Filipowski, Wendy Rudolph, and Keith Sylvain

We would like to express our appreciation to the prior executive board for all of their hard work and to congratulate them on the very successful elections in 2020!