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Listed below are the recommended positions on ballot measures as evaluated by the Eagle County and Colorado Democratic Parties. Note that there are some we did not take a position on. We encourage voters to do their own research on the pros and cons of each measure and to make their own educated decisions. You can find non-partisan arguments on either side of each measure in the Colorado Blue Book for state issues, and the Eagle County TABOR Notice for tax-related county and local issues.

State Issues

Read statements FOR and AGAINST each statewide ballot issue in the CO Blue Book

Amendment 78 (CONSTITUTIONAL):
Legislative Authority to Spend State Money

Description: This measure impacts “custodial funds”, which are essentially given to the Governor of a state for emergency relief, such as COVID relief funds under the American Rescue Plan. These rapid response rescue funds would no longer be available for immediate relief but instead would have to go through an added legislative process that is available only when the legislature is in session and require all of the additional steps that a bill would require with increased opportunities to block funding.

Recommended Position: NO/AGAINST
The Republicans have opposed the entire relief package and are looking for ways to tie the Governor’s hands and the ability to receive and distribute relief funds quickly. This brings political theater into the decision of who should or should not get funds and increases the chances that federal relief funds will not make it to the people who need it most in a timely way. While supporters will say it increases accountability, funding decisions are fully transparent now and both the Governor and the President will have to account for how the funds were spent.

Proposition 119 (STATUTORY): LEAP

Description: This measure increases taxes on cannabis and reallocates a portion of state land trust dollars to pay for after-school programs. While the need for after-school programs is real, the measure side steps local school boards for accountability for those dollars and replaces it with a separate board appointed by the Governor. The concern for many is a “back-door” voucher system that siphons off public dollars to private corporations who are unelected.

Recommended Position: NO/AGAINST
The Democratic Education Initiative and the Resolutions Committee of the Colorado Democratic Party unanimously voted to oppose Proposition 119 (read their full statement here). Public schools in Colorado are seriously under-funded as it is. Any new public funds should go directly to public schools, through the public school finance formula and be administered by locally elected public school boards. Under the federal relief package, there are “ESSER” federal funds available to cover some of the identified needs in our public schools.
Learn more here: https://noonprop119.com and watch this video

Proposition 120 (STATUTORY):
Reduce Property Tax Assessment Rate

Description: This measure cuts property taxes for multi-unit owners (landlords) and lodging (short-term rentals). The title is now inaccurate because of a bill passed this legislative session this will mean a property tax cut only for multi-family unit owners (landlords) and lodging (short-term rentals), leaving no tax reduction for individual residential properties. The loss of revenue harms every local program that relies on property taxes or severance taxes (schools, fire departments, water projects).

Recommended Position: NO/AGAINST
This measure would drastically reduce local revenue to fund all local public services, including our schools. Furthermore, ordinary homeowners would see no reduction of taxes, instead it would essentially now benefit landlords of multi-unit properties and owners of lodging or short-term rentals. In many of our communities the trend toward short term rentals are taking needed housing inventory off the market for workers and people living in the community, making affordable housing less available. This creates a two-tiered system giving a tax perk to those who can own properties they don’t live in and no break for ordinary people trying to get by and pay the bills on one their residential home.

Eagle County Issues

Eagle County Ballot Issue 1A:
Modifying Term Limits for the Office of County Commissioner

Description: This ballot measure is asking Eagle County voters to allow County Commissioners to serve a total of three (3) terms instead of two (2). Read a full description here

Recommended Position: YES/FOR
Providing the option for three terms will allow experience and political connections to be maintained on the Board of County Commissioners. This will allow the county to better advocate at the state and federal levels for county needs, our local towns and special districts, and the broader community.

As a commissioner, it takes time to master the internal and external workings of local government, while also building seniority in leadership positions at the state level. Commissioners serve as liaisons on various state committees that oversee and make policy on water, transportation, human services, emergency management and natural resources. Allowing an additional term in office would allow more consistency in these state-level leadership positions, providing a stronger voice for Eagle County.

Commissioners become more effective at the state and federal levels by building their connections and track record over the first and second terms. That work then allows commissioners to be most impactful during the final two years of their tenure. Serving an additional term would allow a commissioner to extend the county’s advocacy efforts and provide continuity on important issues like land-use files, emergency management, wildfire mitigation, transportation and housing.

Local Issues

You can read statements FOR and AGAINST each ballot issue in the Eagle County TABOR Notice

Town of Vail: 0.5% sales tax to support workforce housing

Ballot Issue 2A would authorize a half-cent increase to the town’s existing sales tax rate — excluding food for home consumption (i.e., groceries) – to fund housing initiatives, housing developments and housing programs.

Recommended Position: NEUTRAL

Town of Avon Ballot Issue 2C:
Short-Term Rental Tax for Community Housing

Recommended Position: YES/FOR
You can read more details about this ballot initiative here

Mountain Recreation: mill levy question to support capital improvements in Gypsum, Eagle, Edwards facilities

Recommended Position: YES/FOR
You can read more details about this ballot initiative here

Town of Basalt Ballot Issue 3A: Basalt Forward Program

Recommended Position: YES/FOR
You can read more details about this ballot measure here

Roaring Fork School District Ballot Issue 5B: Mill Levy Override

Recommended Position: YES/FOR
You can read more details about this ballot measure here