Get Counted for Eagle County

Today is the official launch of the 2020 Census! Even as so much around us is uncertain, the need to complete your census remains the same. Eagle is one of the hardest counties in the U.S. to count – particularly due to our lack of home mail delivery, which means census forms were not mailed to many of us. This is now compounded by the added complication of census workers not being able to deliver them to your houses – so please take five minutes to complete yours online right now!

If you have not received your 12-digit Census ID, you can still complete your census using your physical address by clicking “If you do not have a Census ID, click here” under the “Login” button.

Census data is used to distribute billions of dollars in Federal funding to the tune of $1,200/person to states for infrastructure, transportation, public safety, education, and healthcare, which benefits Colorado citizens. In addition, given the population increase in our state, getting an accurate count could result in additional representation in Congress.