Gov. Polis Recommends Coloradans Wear Face Masks in Public

Statement from Gov. Polis:

Starting today, I’m recommending that all Coloradans wear a cloth face covering or mask when they leave their home to protect against the deadly virus.

Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets that come from our nose and mouth, so in addition to keeping a 6-8 foot physical distance from others, wearing a mask or a face covering is an extra layer of protection that can help us all stay safe.

Wearing a mask or face covering also stops you from touching your face — which will help stop the spread of germs from other sources to your nose and mouth. 

Keep in mind that you should be creating or repurposing your own cloth mask. Your old t-shirts are perfect for this purpose.  Please do not purchase N95 masks or surgical masks — we need to save those performance-grade masks for our health care workers on the front lines of this crisis.

Learn how to make your own mask or where to purchase one at And then take to social media and share your creative mask ideas. I want to see your mask selfies!