Eagle County Assembly Summary

Democracy thrives despite the quarantine. On Sunday, March 29, 2020 the Eagle County Democratic Party held their County Assembly and Convention. However, unlike in years past, this was a virtual assembly and convention conducted online rather than in person. Eballoting took place the seven days prior to the Assembly. Participating delegates were chosen at the March 7th Caucus. 

The County Assembly and Convention selects delegates to represent Eagle County not only to multi-county district assemblies for offices such as state legislative house district 26, and U.S. congressional districts 2 and 3, but also to participate in the State Assembly and Convention in mid-April. Voting determines how many delegates each candidate receives. The threshold for delegate representation is 15 percent of the vote. Therefore, not all candidates will be represented by delegates from Eagle County having not achieved that threshold. 

Furthermore, there are two paths to the primary ballot. (The Colorado primary takes place June 30, 2020.) A candidate can go the caucus/assembly route, or they can petition on to the ballot. For instance, senate candidate John Hickenlooper already made the June 30th ballot via the petition process. He was the only senate candidate to do so. Thus, he was not selected through this county assembly process. 

All subsequent district and multi-district assemblies will be voting remotely between April 6-April 14, 2020, and the Colorado Democratic Party State Assembly and Convention will also be held remotely on April 18.

The results of the Eagle County Democratic Party Assembly and Convention are as follows:

Incumbent Matt Scherr was selected for County Commissioner District 1. 

Incumbent Kathy Chandler-Henry was selected for County Commissioner District 2. 

Incumbent Dylan Roberts was selected for Colorado House District 26. 

In Congressional District 2 Democrat Joe Neguse is running unopposed. 

In Congressional District 3 Eagle County will send delegates for Diane Mitsch Bush and James Iacino. The winner will face Republican Scott Tipton in the general election. 

In the race for Colorado’s contested senate seat, Eagle County will send delegates to state for Andrew Romanoff, Stephany Rose Spaulding, and uncommitted. As previously mentioned, John Hickenlooper is already on the primary ballot via the petition process. The primary winner will face Republican Cory Gardner in the general election. 

Eagle County will also send delegates for Judicial District 5 and various party committees. Delegates will also represent the remaining Democrat candidates in the race for president—Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Colorado already held a presidential primary, which Sanders won, but delegates are still chosen as part of the process to select delegates for the Democratic National Convention July 13-15 in Milwaukee. 

For more information about the Eagle County Assembly and Convention visit eagledems.org.