Eagle County receives relief from Colorado stay-at-home orders

Exemptions will also allow for the opening of certain parks and businesses

Congratulating Eagle County on Thursday for its response to COVID-19, the state’s top public health official, Jill Ryan, granted the county’s request for exemptions from state orders on stringent stay-at-home requirements and gatherings of less than 10.

‘Commitments of containment’

Harmon asked residents to take a pledge of five commitments, which the county is calling their commitments of containment.

  1. Maintain 6 feet of distance from people outside of your household at all times. “Even as we start to lift these restrictions … We are not lifting that minimum 6 feet of distance,” Harmon said.
  2. Wash hands frequently. “And remember, when you’re washing them, wash them for 20 seconds,” Harmon said.
  3. Cover your face when you’re out in public. “Especially as you’re going into … areas where you might have more frequent contact with individuals,” Harmon said.
  4. Stay home when you’re sick. “This is still an area of challenge that we hear from so many other communities,” Harmon said.
  5. If you’re sick, get tested immediately. “It’s with that testing result that we can actually make sure that the isolation you need for your recovery is also helping to prevent that exposure to others,” Harmon said.

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