Find Your Caucus Location

You need to know your precinct number to find your specific caucus location. If you know your precinct number, skip to #2 below to find your caucus site.

Look it up online, or call the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder at 970-328-8715. If you are already registered to vote, visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website at to check or update your record and locate your precinct number. Click on Find my Registration enter your name, zip code and birthdate. Click SEARCH to view your voter information file. Select County & District Information and look for “Precinct” under District Information. The last two numbers of the 16-digit precinct number is your two-digit precinct number.* 

Once you know your precinct number, you may look up your specific caucus location. There will be eight caucus sites around the county, making it convenient to attend. Caucus will be held in Red Cliff, Minturn, Vail, Avon, Edwards, Eagle, Gypsum and El Jebel.  Find the location for your precinct here.


*Your Precinct Number Explained
Once you locate your “Registered Voter Information” record, you will see a list of all your election districts. Look for the ten-digit Precinct number, as in this example:

Precinct 3052619027

Here’s what those ten digits mean:
First digit – Congressional District
Second and third digits – State Senate District
Fourth and fifth digits – State House District
Sixth and seventh digits – County Number
Eighth digit – County Commissioner District
Last two digits – Precinct

So, in the above example, Precinct Number 3-05-26-19-0-27, tells us that this voter’s districts are:
3 Congressional District
05 State Senate District
26 State House District
19 Eagle County
0 County Commissioner District
27 Precinct