How will the election be conducted?
At the conclusion of the candidate forum, nominations and nomination acceptance speeches will be given. The amount of time allowed per candidate will be determined once the number of candidates is known. Voting will begin using “Exhaustive Voting”, as described in Colorado Democratic Party rules. There will be as many rounds of voting at the vacancy meeting as needed for a candidate to win a majority of the votes.

How will a winner be determined?
The winner of the vacancy committee election will be the candidate who wins a majority of the votes cast, 50% of the votes plus one vote. If a candidate wins a majority of the vote in the first round of voting, a subsequent round of voting will not be conducted and that candidate will be declared the winner.

Will voting be confidential?
Ballots will be kept confidential, although state party rules state ballots must be identifiable in case a challenge to the voting procedures is made. Members of the vacancy committee will vote by paper ballot and need not be observed by any other person while voting. All members must sign their names on their ballots. Individuals with experience in elections from the county clerk‘s office will assist with ballot counting while preserving voter privacy.  Ballots will be sealed and kept in a secure, locked location at the conclusion of the committee.

Are ballot watchers allowed?
Candidates can appoint a watcher on their behalf who may observe the tabulation of the ballots. Watchers may be asked to stand a reasonable distance back from the tabulators so that they may conduct their work. Watchers will not be permitted to leave the tabulation area once tabulation has started and until after the announcement of the winner is made by the Chair. Watchers are not permitted to make any written notes or utilize any type of electronic recording device while observing the tabulation.

If a member of the vacancy committee cannot attend, may s/he vote by proxy?
No. If a member of the vacancy committee is unable to attend the meeting in person, s/he may not vote in the vacancy election.

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