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Eagle County Democrats Events

Eagle Dems Training for Team 2 – Avon/Edwards PCPs
When: Thursday, June 21, 5:30-7:00
Where: Avon Public Library
These trainings are not just for Precinct Committee People (PCPs) but also for any Dem-friendly locals and volunteers who want to learn more about the Eagle County Democrats. The training will include basic information about the Democratic Party, how it’s organized, our legislative districts, and our representatives in the various districts.  For more information, email joyh@eagledems.org

Eagle Flight Days
When: Saturday, June 23
Join the Eagle County Democrats in the parade or help out for a couple of hours in the booth. Email Joy at joyh@eagledems.org

People 2 People Canvass Training with the State Party
When: Thursday, June 28, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Where: Avon Public Library
Tyler McDermott, the State Party’s new statewide field organizer will give a training for Dems and interested volunteers on the new “People 2 People” voter outreach initiative.
We will be asking voters what they want to see changed at the state or federal level, and how Democrats can do a better job responding to their concerns.
Email Joy at joyh@eagledems.org

Save the Date!
Mark your calendars for our annual fundraising dinner, coming in the fall:
Friday, September 14 – EagleVail Pavilion in EagleVail. Want to help? Email Melissa at lawforlocalsllc@gmail.com

Other Events

PLEASE NOTE: The Eagle County Democratic Party does not endorse candidates in contested primaries but we are happy to promote campaign events when they’re held here in Eagle County. We consider them to be good opportunities for our community to get to know our candidates better as election season approaches.

Eagle Flight Days CANVASS KICK-OFF with Jeanne and Kerry!
Team up with Commissioner McQueeney and Senator Donovan as they hit the first doors of the season!
Help them break in their walking shoes, knock on a few (friendly!) doors, and remind voters to get their ballots in. Jeanne and Kerry will show you the ropes if you’ve not canvassed before. THIS is how Democrats WIN in November!
When: Meet Jeanne and Kerry at 2:00 pm on June 23
Yeti’s Coffee at 300 Broadway in Eagle

Meet Jena!
You’re invited to an event in support of Jena Griswold, candidate for Colorado Secretary of State. As a former election lawyer for a presidential campaign, Jena was inspired to run for Secretary of State to protect the right to vote, bolster cybersecurity in our elections, and stop the flood of dark money in our campaigns.
Jena is uncontested on the primary ballot, and has been endorsed of over 90 elected officials and gubernatorial candidates Cary Kennedy, Jared Polis, and Mike Johnston.

When: Friday, June 29, 2018, 5:30 – 7:00pm
Where: At the home of Josh and Christina Lautenberg
Address: 1060 June Creek Rd., Edwards
Please RSVP here.


Hey everyone,
This is a big thank you to all of you for what you did to keep Eagle County blue.

We gave Hillary over 56% of our vote, winner Michael Bennet over 55%, winner Jared Polis 63% in CD2 and Gail Schwartz nearly 54% in CD3. Nick Phalen and Lander Karath were tireless organizers for the Colorado Coordinated Campaign. They did much of the heavy lifting. Thank you, guys!

Alice Madden lost the CU Regent at-large statewide race but still received 54% of Eagle County’s support. We’re disappointed she didn’t win; she was very qualified.

We sure wish Gail could have pulled out a win. CD3 is a brutally tough Congressional District for a Democratic win. Gail gave it a good run.

Locally, Diane thumped Mike Cacioppo getting over 60% of the votes. That is a highly satisfying win! Diane’s campaign manager Kira Mazzola gets a big chunk of credit for delivering to Diane her largest winning margin ever.

Bruce Brown didn’t win Eagle County, but he won his race overall by nearly 1,000 votes to continue as D.A. for Judicial District 5. His Republican opponent earned a mere 217 more votes here, but the other three counties in Bruce’s district (Clear Creek, Lake and Summit) went strongly enough for Bruce to overcome that deficit.

We can all celebrate Jill Ryan and Kathy Chandler-Henry prevailing! Congratulations to our two wonderful County Commissioners on their reelection. They deserve these big wins and we are fortunate to be able to send them back to work for us.

Last, but never least, Teak trounced her opponent by getting nearly 62% of the vote. We can’t wait to see how she transforms the Treasurer’s office the way she did the Clerk’s office.

The Eagle County Democratic Party Executive Committee supported all the local ballot measures. Sadly, 1A and 1B didn’t pass; that’s a blow for open space, trails and affordable housing. But the Eagle County School District’s 3A and 3B proposals for better funding of education won. Hooray for the teachers and the students who will benefit!

Check out the Denver Post or the Secretary of State’s website for the rest of the statewide results.

We have no idea what the consequences of Hillary Clinton’s loss will mean. It feels like a very hard punch in the gut.

Take solace in what we did here in Eagle County and in Colorado. Get some rest and we’ll all be debriefing down the road.

Many, many thanks and great appreciation and admiration to all of you,

Jane and Joy
and the rest of the Executive Committee – Carole, Emily, Cookie, Jeanne and Pat

2016 Eagle County Platform Resolutions

Click here to download a copy of the platform resolutions adopted at our recent County Assembly on March 19and submitted to the State Platform Committee.

The resolutions were originally submitted to our County Assembly from the individual caucus precincts. A ballot distributed at Assembly was tabulated by Beth Reilly and Bob Rutledge and the results were summarized in a document that has been submitted tot he Colorado State Platform Committee. The stat Platform committee will consider incorporating our resolutions into the State Platform. For more information, please contact Beth Reilly, our Platform Chairperson, by email