Be a Writing Warrior!

Right now, you can write postcards to voters encouraging them to BE A VOTER while informing them about vital issues.

Studies have shown that voters who receive a personal postcards in the mail are more likely to vote. It’s also an easy and fast way you can take action right from your home and help increase voter turnout across the county. Anyone can write postcards – even kids with a bit of oversight! You can write one or two postcards a night or a bunch at one time. 

How the program works

Step #1: Fill out our Postcard Request Form by clicking the button below. Please request only the amount you are sure you can complete before June 8 for the Primary or before October 8 for the General Election (you can always request more)

Step #2: One of our volunteer leaders will be in touch to arrange delivery of your Postcard Packet that will include detailed instructions and sample messages, a stack of postcards, and a voter list with names and addresses.

Step #4: Write your personal messages to voters, address the postcards, and add postage (if you are able). You may also donate to support the purchase of postage by clicking the Donate Now button at the bottom of this page.

Step #5:  Send us an email to let us know you have completed your packet. We will make arrangements to pick up your postcards or arrange a drop-off location.

Step #6: Repeat the process as often as you able.

Three Postcard Styles to Choose From:

SPECIAL THANK YOU GIFT: Everyone who writes 50 postcards will receive a Nasty Lady Liberty or Notorious RBG facemask (while supplies last) handmade by Eagle County Dems Chair, Melissa Decker!

Don’t have time to write postcards?

Consider a donation to help us cover the costs of printing and postage to send personal notes to 3,000 voters in Eagle County.