Voter turnout has the power to change Colorado. But how can we get people to turn in their ballots?

Friends don’t let friends skip elections!

Elections are won by asking people to vote and making sure their ballots are turned in. Campaigns know that person-to-person contact is powerful but when people actually know each other, the effect is multiplied.

VoterChase is based on the simple notion that reminding someone you know to vote is more effective than reaching out to a stranger.

VoterChase helps you find friends, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances that haven’t voted yet, so you can give them a friendly nudge. It turns ballot chasing into a fun competition that gives you credit for what matters most – VOTES!

The Eagle County Democratic Party is partnering with VoterChase to make sure we don’t leave any votes on the table on November 6. VoterChase is the perfect tool for the volunteer who wants to know “what can I do?” This is a description of why VoterChase and What it is.

Please go to VoterChase  now to get started!